Know how

our knowledge

Deep knowledge of the subject, experience, and passion, combined with innovative techniques and advanced technologies, distinguish us as an industrial player capable of experimenting, looking ahead, without ever neglecting those founding values that are our DNA. Our mission is INNOVATION IN TRADITION, which is why we are internationally recognized in the processing of jewelry, gold, and precious metals, as well as brass and bronze. We shape dreams.

Where we are heading

We want to hone our skills in creating jewelry that respects materials, people, and the environment, increasingly becoming interpreters of sustainable and quality jewelry.

sustainably crafted

Our future, that of our people, requires us to make responsible choices that we deeply share and that see us committed to sustainability: transparency and traceability of the materials we process is our first commitment, and so we face the achievement of certifications that give us production criteria on international standards. Recycled gold is our primary source, and its conscious and responsible use our modus operandi. Above all, the mark we want to put on our creations is the ethical one.


Since 12/18/2015 we have been a Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). In 2022, we received RJC COC certification. As an RJC Member Member, we are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the RJC Code of Practices and RJC Chain of Custody. We are committed to integrating ethical, human rights, social and environmental considerations into our daily operations, business planning and decision-making processes.


Fratelli Bovo S.R.L. follows strict process, quality, ethical, safety, and environmental standards because it believes that a serious, certified, and controlled business path is a key step to long-term, steady growth and meeting customer needs. Quality is essential to achieving the ambitious goal of offering unique products, and our efforts are directed toward ensuring the safety, compliance, and quality of our products.